On Chain of Five Lakes

(Located on Silvers Lake)

Rules For 
great family camping
Fireworks, firearms, mini-bikes or illegal drugs are never allowed anywhere on the premises.
Management reserves the right to evict without refund anyone for behavior detrimental or for the safety to the community or for failing to observe the Guidelines of Rockeys Campground.

Most of all, Enjoy your stay and have a Great time
Must be 21 or older to rent a campsite and boats Only one camping unit (trailer, camper, tent, etc..) per campsite.  Exceptions may be made for a small tent for children.
Registration Campers and visitors must register at the office before entering the campground.  Each campsite must have an adult in charge (21 or over) at all times.  No minors or children camping alone.
Visitors Pass STOP SIGN means all must stop to receive a pass to get into the park or please stop to show the workers in the store that you have a pass.  All Visitors Must Leave Park by 10:00 PM
Parents are responsible for children's actions.  Children 17 and under are to be at your campsite by 10pm or with an adult.
Parking Please park on your own site only.  Additional parking is available in designated areas.
Speed limit is 5 MPH Remember children are playing. Bicycles must observe the speed limit and watch for cars.  No bike riding after the street lights come on.
Driving Must be licensed driver to drive in park.
Riding in pickup Riding in the back of a pickup truck is prohibited inside the campground.
Alcohol Please keep in mind this is a family campground.  Please keep glass bottles on your own site.  Profanity and excessive noise will not be tolerated.
Quiet Hours Please be courteous to your neighbors at all times and observe quiet hours between 11pm and 8am. Respect your neighbors by not walking through occupied campsites.  Keep music to a level that is heard only on your site.  All Visitors Must Leave Park by 10:00 PM
Swimming, bathing and wading These are done at your own risk.  There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty!  NO DIVING! Swimming in designated area only!  No swimming after the street lights are on.  An Adult must accompany children 12 and under while swimming.
Smokers Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.  Dispose of properly.
Gray Water Please do not drain gray water directly on to the ground.  Please use container and dispose of gray water at the dumpstation.
Garbage Please put all garbage in plastic bags and deposit in dumpster.
Pets All campers pets must be approved by Rockeys Campground prior to pet entering park. Guest are not allowed to bring pets into park. Breed restrictions are strictly enforced. NO Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow, Doberman, German Shepherd, Pit Bull (American Staffordshire, Bull Terrier), American Bulldog, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, Wolf. Or any mix of the above mentioned breeds. If one of the above mentioned breeds are brought into park, you will be asked to leave the park immediately and no refund will be given.
Wood The campground has firewood for sale or you may bring your own.  No burning wood with nails.  Please also help us protect our natural resouces by not cutting, nailing to or defacing any trees or shrubs.
Campfires Please confine your fire to the fire-pit only.  Fires should be attended at all times and remember to put your fire out completely. Please do not burn garbage or Dump food in firepits.