On Chain of Five Lakes

(Located on Silvers Lake)


NOTE: When you hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page this will send a request for a reservation to the campground via email. Someone from the campground will get back to you to let you know whether the campground reservation you requested is available. It is important that your provide your phone number and/or email address so we can get back to you promptly.

Office is open M-Th 2pm-6pm, Friday 2pm-9pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-5pm
Check in time starts at 2:00PM

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If you do not receive response within 24 hrs during camping season (Mid May - Sept 30) or within 30 days during the off season (Oct 1 - Mid May) there could be a technical issue. Please contact us via phone at 517-857-2200.

NOTE: All campers pets must be approved by Rockeys Campground prior to pet entering park. Breed restrictions are strictly enforced. NO Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow, Doberman, German Shepherd, Pit Bull,  American Staffordshire, Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, Wolf OR any mix of the above mentioned breeds. 

If one of the above mentioned breeds are brought into park, you will be asked to leave the park immediately and no refund will be given